Keeping Healthcare Premises Clean and Compliant

Healthcare providers need to be assured of premises that are hygienically safe, clean and absolutely meet CQC requirements.

Care Quality Commission sets out strict standards and procedures with a keen focus on infection control and essential prevention of cross contamination. If a healthcare provider does not pass a CQC inspection, the follow-up process can have a hugely detrimental effect upon a provider’s reputation and operations.

It is essential that at all times, whether ongoing maintenance or in the case of a random CQC inspection, that the highest cleanliness standards are maintained and that procedures are documented and readily available.

Ensuring that staff and patients are adequately protected is a fundamental duty of care. Healthcare providers are expected to have the strictest criteria for hygiene and safety, so that patients are safe within an environment that meets all legislative requirements.

The Cleaning Company has a rigorous training procedure for cleaning teams and every healthcare client can be assured that all cleaning activities are being carried out to CQC standards for cleanliness and infection control.

The Cleaning Company’s service includes management of administrative and documentation processes in order to support CQC audit requirements. We take the stress out of the necessary paperwork and audit trails required by CQC, leaving our healthcare clients to focus on their practice management knowing Care Quality Commission legislation is being adhered to and their premises are safe and clean.

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