Keeping Schools Clean and Safe

Parents should expect the very best for their children. Education, calibre of teachers, and also that the environment should meet the pinnacle of cleanliness to help keep children safe from infection and hazards.

However, cleaning in schools requires a level of professional remit beyond the just the cleaning process. All organisations working in this sector must take into account the various responsibilities that go hand in hand with working around children. The Cleaning Company trains all cleaning and management personnel to understand the protocols and responsibilities which are relevant to working in schools. This includes specific safeguarding training programmes which outline The Department of Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education criteria,including how to identify problems and appropriate escalation procedures.

All cleaning contractors should be focussed on maximising levels of cleanliness, hygiene and safety within all environments in which they work. In addition to this, it is crucial to bear in mind the end user of the service: Who will the delivery of the service impact and what can be done to make the service bespoke to them and their sector? In schools, the end user is the pupil and it is crucial to introduce things such as knowledge of safeguarding to enhance the service and make it relevant and bespoke to this sector.

Whether it be in schools, corporate offices or healthcare providers, The Cleaning Company believes it is important that services should be unique to an individual environment, sector, setting and should always be tailored to the end user of the service.

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