How do you know your cleaning team can be trusted?

We are all familiar with certain security hazards and how we should try to avoid them. Most of us are aware of our surroundings and potential personal and professional threats.

Business owners will have realistic concerns about outsourcing certain operations to contractors and potentially giving them access to systems, computers, files and expensive equipment.

Cleaners are a crucial part of any premises maintenance plan but how can companies outsourcing this responsibility, be sure that cleaning staff are trustworthy?

A starting point has to be the calibre of the cleaning company.

·        How long they have been operation? Whilst this is not necessarily a deal maker or breaker (even corporate giants started as small businesses) it gives a certain level of  assurance

·        Are testimonials from clients easily accessible via the company’s website?  Can you make independent checks on the company’s references? Will they give you access to their clients for testimonial purposes? A willingness to give you access to clients displays an open culture and helps to build trust

·        Does the company offer a senior member of the team as your ongoing account manager? This facilitates a valuable opportunity to establish a close relationship with a key person and the development of professional rapport and trust

·        Are staff vetted?  Is there a DBS checking process, especially within schools and healthcare environments? This offers clients an additional layer of assurance

·        Is there a comprehensive insurance policy and have you been shown the certificate?

·        Are cleaners offered a fair wage? This can make a significant difference to staff retention and loyalty. Most companies prefer to have a regular and recognisable cleaning team rather than a constant flow of different people.

In addition to a cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive range of services, The Cleaning Company has a systematic procedure in place which ensures staff are carefully interviewed and the selection process adheres to a strict criteria. Employees are reference checked and background checks are thorough and respect compliance and clients’ security.

Clients are assured a value for money service, highly-trained expertise and testimonials from clients to substantiate the quality of services offered.

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