The Powerful Link Between Business Success and Customer Service

Business success & customer service

As we move further into 2018 and look to develop or improve a business, it is essential to align the calibre of your customer care/service and the longevity of clients’ loyalty.

No matter how long you have been in business – it’s important to regularly address the fundamentals of why companies should use your services or products as compared to your competitors.

  • What makes you different? What is your USP?
  • What is the added value you bring to a client?
  • Have you recently analysed your competitors? How do you compare?

Customer service ascertains who we are, where we’re placed in the business world, ethics, integrity and proven mission statement.

Important points to carefully consider for your company’s potential long-term success:

  • Retaining customers/clients is more cost-effective than the acquisition of new clients
  • A satisfied customer is more likely to buy more from you than a new customer
  • You avoid problems if your customer service is outstanding and you have a genuine and caring team approach
  • Great customer service will ensure your reputational marketing
  • Customers will remain loyal if they are satisfied
  • Having clients referred to you is the ideal format for new business
  • Referrals make for great advertising which relates to the calibre of your customer service
  • If clients are happy, your team will probably feel more job satisfaction. This helps with staff retention and loyalty
  • Other companies will want to be associated with you as it will enhance their own reputation

The Cleaning Company is an established and experienced cleaning contractor working in close partnership with clients to achieve directives for safe and clean premises within a framework of value and efficiency.  

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