The importance of treating all staff with respect

The BBC covered an interesting story regarding a cleaning company ‘blocking’ and issuing a fine of £25 to a cleaner for ‘being ill’. * The story went viral and the company’s reputation was left in tatters as it tried to bluster its way through excuses and ‘lessons learned’ rhetoric. The company in question is app based and therefore would only have minimal contact with its staff and clients. Social media sites were ignited with debate about policy and ethics.

Aside the corporate fallout of such negative reporting and reputational damage, it is indeed a painful example of a company’s treatment of a member of staff. For company executives responsible for the procurement of cleaning contractors, it is a major factor for concern.

It is of massive importance that staff, whether management or cleaning operatives, are treated with absolute respect as is proper for professionals in any area of work. 

In the cleaning industry, as the front line of the business, it is the cleaners who have more hands-on, face-to-face interaction with clients and it is imperative that operatives are involved in the running of any contract.  The cleaning team are crucial for the delivery of the work; they are professionals with practical knowledge and perspective. All staff should have a sense of being valued within the team and know that their work is appreciated. It is imperative they are regarded as unique individuals with purpose, place and importance. 

The Cleaning Company’s reputation is based upon professional and regular interaction with clients, understanding their requirements and how to deliver upon expectation and promises. This is underpinned by the same professional and regular interaction with employees at all levels, regardless of the work they do and in recognition of their role and value in the business.

There is an assurance that teams are treated with respect and that all clients’ directives are carefully followed within boundaries of a competitive price that ensures value and long-term commitment.


* – Date: 14th November 2017

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