BREXIT, businesses and European Workers…

BREXIT is an enigma. There’s ongoing news that doesn’t really say much. The only aspect of BREXIT that is conclusive is… we actually don’t know anything.

The only lesson with respect to following the news on this subject in such finite detail is how miraculous it is, to have so much written about it but where actually nothing is said. At its worse – will it even happen and was the first referendum nothing more than a potential trial run for a second attempt at deciding the wants and needs of the British electorate?

There is a date – Friday, 29th March 2019 and whatever is going to happen – will happen then. With so much confusion and lack of information, how do companies know what to do with respect to their European employees or subcontractors? Currently, the EU Member States have an unrestricted right to work within the EU including the UK. With respect to current negotiations and proposals (which may not be applicable in the near future) the majority of EU workers would not be eligible to work in the UK following BREXIT.

So with all this confusion, what should today’s businesses ensure and how do they take practical action for the unknown?

The Cleaning Company have put into place a comprehensive plan which protects their logistics and operation. By keeping a good mix of both EU and UK workers, they have ensured access to a steady supply of new and highly-trained cleaners, ready to start work and dependent upon legislation.

The Cleaning Company also have experts who keep them up-to-date with proposals and recommendations, so by keeping absolutely informed of any legal changes or significant BREXIT negotiations, they are in a position to make decisions with plans already in place just waiting to be actioned. 

The Cleaning Company’s priority is to ensure that clients are protected as far as possible from uncertainly; that responsibilities are met with a variance of plans and strategies that cover all bases and for any eventuality.

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