Just how expensive is cheap?

Most companies, understandably, look to reduce costs in order to maximise profits. However it is not always advisable to compromise on price if it means reducing quality - particularly when it comes to maintaining a clean and safe environment.

There could be serious repercussions of an incomplete or low-quality cleaning service as potentially staff could become ill and morale could be affected if the environment, public areas and toilet/kitchen facilities are not hygienically clean. As a result, germs and contamination can lead to infections and there could be many detrimental repercussions such as staff absenteeism and knock on effect of the bottom line profits.  

So just how expensive is cheap when you prioritise price over efficiency, value and long-term benefit?

To ensure a regular cleaning team that is efficient and conscientious, is to offer a fair payment for their services. Financial remuneration (whether for cleaners or other team members or contractors) will help to ensure loyalty and regular teams. As cleanliness and hygiene are essential aspects for any business, whether commercial or retail, clients should allocate an appropriate budget for the necessary service. 

When addressing office cleaning facilities and contractors, although it can be tempting to go for the lowest quote, it is worth considering how the price is achieved and whether it is sustainable.

Ask for transparency and a complete breakdown of the quote. Do your contractors  have realistic and justified answers to substantiate the quote?  If a company is offering services at a very low rate, ask if they are even making any profit?  Could there be a process which could be detrimental for you but which will facilitate them making the project commercially viable? This should always be a cause for concern. It is essential that for all agreements, the stipulations are itemised as part of any contract and the client is clear on what is promised and should be delivered.

At The Cleaning Company, there is a clear and strategic, pricing structure. All fees are outlined and assurances given both verbally and contractually. Consideration for those that are key in the success of service delivery whether clients, customers, staff or colleagues is an important duty of care.

With absolute focus on this important level of responsibility, The Cleaning Company has an enviable reputation for the quality of its teams, products used and ultimately, reassurance to clients that their facilities are hygienically clean and safe.



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