Small(er) is Beautiful

Small(er) is Beautiful

The Carillion collapse earlier this year highlighted the risk taken by public services and big corporates when entrusting a single huge supplier with the bulk of its outsourced work. When the supplier fails to deliver, collapse is like an earthquake with numerous ripples and aftermath effects. Staff are not paid, pension fund deficits, contracts not being fulfilled and which would potentially result in legislative requirements not being met. Ultimately, life can be endangered and safety is compromised.

Carillion had contracts with the NHS (14 Trusts) who had to implement emergency plans.* This was even more relevant with the severe weather conditions during that period and the public health sector struggling with increased level of patients and emergencies. Hospitals are under pressure enough without the added burden of losing their cleaning contractors.

By trusting to smaller companies who can offer flexibility, are robust, leaner and with strategic management and company ethos are by definition, proving to be more efficient and reliable than the giant corporates who, despite their might and multimillion pound turnover, are sometimes more vulnerable and less dynamic due to their size.

So does size matter? Does bigger mean better? Not necessarily when it comes to cleaning companies. What matters is reliability, efficiency, delivery upon promises to keep premises clean with maintained quality monitoring procedures. Equally important is that smaller companies can offer consistent and highly-trained teams who have purpose within the company and are valued members of the team.

“Smaller means more agile. Agility means we can circumvent obstacles, change direction, reboot plans and respond quickly to opportunity as well as adversity.” Chan Mehta – Managing Director – The Cleaning Company

The Cleaning Company works in partnership with clients in order to understand their criteria, values and goals whilst also ensuring support which delivers excellence alongside value for money.


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