The Commercial Link Between Staff Morale and a Clean Working Environment

The Commercial Link Between Staff Morale and a Clean Working Environment

Having a hygienic and comfortable environment for your staff will impact upon their wellbeing, productivity and sense of loyalty to the company. 

There are emerging statistics confirming that the quality of shared facilities has an impact on staff wellbeing. According to a survey published in Cleaning Matters, “51% of employees have been ‘appalled’ by the state of their office bathroom at least once, over the space of six months.” It can be safely assumed that feeling uncomfortable about using the facilities at work will have a detrimental effect on staff with regards to motivation in the office.

In 2017, the cost to professional businesses due to absenteeism was £18 billion. This figure will continue to rise and it is estimated to reach £26 billion in 2030. * Although there can be multiple reasons for this statistic such as genuine illness, a poorly cleaned environment will undoubtedly contribute to sickness through the spread of infections and viruses. Furthermore, a workspace which is not well maintained or feels unclean will lead to a sense of not wanting to be in that environment. Staff will feel less inclined to spend time at the office and this can only lead to reduced levels of productivity for individuals and businesses.

There is currently a heightened awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. The office environment plays a key role. In order for employers or company owners to support their team’s wellbeing and maximise their performance, they must ensure a healthy and clean environment for staff to feel comfortable and that their participation is valued and fully enabled.

The Cleaning Company’s clients have found that cleanliness and hygiene have a huge impact on employees and teams. As a result of professional and bespoke cleaning plans, offices are cleaner, more comfortable and employees are happier working in a healthier and more positive, uplifting environment.

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