The Cleaning Company partners with new children’s hospice in London

The Cleaning Company has expanded their healthcare client base to include another specialist children’s hospice in Greater London. The company has recently been contracted to provide cleaning services for the newly opening Noah’s Ark Hospice in High Barnet.  Noah’s Ark Hospice provides clinical, practical and emotional support to babies, children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families living in North and Central London and Hertsmere.  They are soon to be opening The Ark in Barnet. This aims to complement their community-based services and this is where The Cleaning Company will be providing their cleaning services.

It’s crucial that primary healthcare providers and centres of care like The Ark are clean and infection free.  Hospices in particular are visited daily by, or home to, those vulnerable to infections or viruses.  By providing comprehensive and thorough cleaning services The Cleaning Company is able to ensure patients are safe throughout their visit and the team at The Ark can do their jobs effectively.  

Managing director of The Cleaning Company, Chan Mehta, was delighted by this expansion and commented “We are immensely proud at the prospect of working with the inspiring people at Noah’s Ark Hospice.  We’re looking forward to being a part of the team to ensure it is a success and can support children and their families to the best possible level.”

“By providing a consistently exceptional service at the hospice we will create a safe, clean and infection-free environment for the patients, their visitors and the doctors/nurses at this centre.”

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