The Cleaning Company – #endcustomercentric

Customer service is central to every company’s brand.  Everyone knows the age-old sayings ‘Customer is king’ and ‘The Customer is always right’.  However, we argue that a lot of B2B organisations are building their service offerings to reflect these as though they were a B2C business.  

When you are providing a product, such as an item of clothing, for your customer, of course your customer is always at the centre of your service.  However, when you’re providing a service that your client uses to maximise the experience of their own client, it becomes their client that you should be aiming to impress.  In these cases the motto must shift to ‘The customer’s customer is always right’.

This is particularly important to consider within the cleaning industry; a cleaning service is provided so as to keep the end users happy and safe. By doing this, you are naturally meeting the requirements of your own customer and therefore providing a great service.  By providing a service that pleases your customer's customer, you will naturally be more likely to contribute to their success whether that be through examining body results, institution performance, repeat customer rate or another metric.

We have recently launched a new campaign which focuses on sharing our client centric approach (#endusercentric) across education (#pupilcentric), hospitality (#guestcentric) and healthcare (#patientcentric) .  While we will always keep our customer at the heart of our business, we put our customer’s customer at the centre of our service.

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