About Us

About The Cleaning Company 

The Cleaning Company has been providing outstanding commercial cleaning services across a range of industries for over ten years across and around London. 

The Cleaning Company was founded in 2007 by Managing Director Chan Mehta.  We provide a bespoke, relationship focused cleaning service centred on our clients and their end-users.  As a result of this approach we are proud to support our clients to deliver excellence within their own sectors.    

We understand the impact that a clean, safe cleaning service of the highest standard has on a business because of the reflection this has on your brand reputation and performance.   


Why choose The Cleaning Company?  

  • Experienced team of passionate cleaning operatives
  • Extensive range of cleaning services to meet every need
  • Honest, reliable and professional service centred on building lasting client relationships
  • Tailored service to meet the requirements of all our client’s industries or sectors
  • Feedback orientated approach that is highly responsive to your needs
  • Adaptable and scalable service offering
  • Effective quality control system
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • All staff are fully vetted and are given the required training


We are very aware of the environmental issues regarding cleaning materials. To address this issue, wherever possible, we use eco-friendly and biodegradable products.


End-user Centric

We know that for all of our clients the happiness and wellbeing of their end-user is of upmost importance to their business.  We have created a cleaning service where we take the time to really understand your business and stakeholders. This enables us to tailor our offering to meet the diverse requirements of your end-user.

Whether you're a school with pupils treading the halls every weekday, a healthcare centre packed with patients rushing in and out or even a wedding venue with guests and brides rushing through your rooms we will ensure our results exceed their every expectation.


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