21 Apr 2015

A Messy and Unclean Office
Slows Down Productivity and Morale

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cleaning productsWhat practices can be incorporated into your office culture so everyone contributes to making your workplace cleaner and more productive?

1.  Recycle!

An office cleaning schedule should also include recycling. Staff will not only have a cleaner office, but will contribute to making the earth a better place too.

2. Go paperless (as far as you can)!

Being totally paper free may be impractical but there are lots of ways that desks and workspaces can remain clear of mounds of paper work: Dropbox and Google Drive help colleagues share documents without the need to print

3. Declutter!

“When your workspace is organised and precise, you have the mindset and motivation to work.”

Many offices operate a clear desk policy: there should only be a few, essential items on a desk, such as a computer, notepad, pen and water bottle. Dedicated filing cabinets should house important papers and files whilst they’re not being worked on – not desks.

Consider coat racks installed in your cloakrooms, or storage bins underneath desks where employees can place their personal items to prevent jackets, bags, coats and high heels being stored in piles under and around desks!

4.  Outsource the more difficult, but necessary office cleaning duties…#leaveittous

Obviously, not all duties should be done by your team…cleaning tasks should be outsourced to a professional office cleaning company in order to ensure that your office is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Call The Cleaning Company today to find out how we can help you to maintain a clean, hygienic and pleasant office environment: 020 8505 3006

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Slows Down Productivity and Morale”

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