29 Feb 2012

Handy Cleaning Tip #1
Removing Red Wine Stains

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Removing red wine stains…

Salt often doesn’t do the trick. Instead, blot as much as possible with kitchen towel, soak with sparkling or soda water, then blot again. Repeat the process, then sponge with soapy water and blot dry again.

From carpets: If stain persists, clean with carpet shampoo and rinse well – call us to enquire about our carpet cleaning services!

From fabrics: If blotting is not enough, wash as normal. Stubborn marks can be treated with a proprietary stain remover.

Always check manufacturer’s instructions first. Always try a test patch first. If you are unsure as to whether the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions, take professional cleaning advice first.

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Removing Red Wine Stains”

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