Keeping the Workplace Clean and Safe

Offices and workspaces should be a safe and clean environment for staff and visitors. Research shows high probability that staff members can pick up infections from bugs prevalent in poorly cleaned offices. Office equipment like a keyboard or even a telephone, can be full of germs. It is therefore essential to limit the spread of…
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Keeping Healthcare Premises Clean and Compliant

Healthcare providers need to be assured of premises that are hygienically safe, clean and absolutely meet CQC requirements. Care Quality Commission sets out strict standards and procedures with a keen focus on infection control and essential prevention of cross contamination. If a healthcare provider does not pass a CQC inspection, the follow-up process can have…
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Keeping Schools Clean and Safe

Parents should expect the very best for their children. Education, calibre of teachers, and also that the environment should meet the pinnacle of cleanliness to help keep children safe from infection and hazards. However, cleaning in schools requires a level of professional remit beyond the just the cleaning process. All organisations working in this sector…
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