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Is your business suffering due to staff absenteeism? Do you work in a school where there is a high level of pupils not attending due to sickness?

Computer Cleaning Services in London

Computer Cleaning Services

Research has shown that viruses and bacteria which result in illnesses often reside in IT equipment.

Dr Peter Wilson, Consultant Microbiologist (University College, London Hospital): Should somebody have a cold in your office… you’re very likely to pick it up from a keyboard

Dr Charles Gerba, Microbiologist (University of Arizona): Without cleaning, a small area on your desk or phone can sustain millions of bacteria that could potentially cause illness

Effective cleaning will reduce the spread of bacteria and germs which will lead to staff sickness and lost productivity.

The Cleaning Company offer a professional, effective PC and telephone cleaning service which will enhance any working environment and ensure it operates at its optimum level.

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