Office Cleaning Services

The Cleaning Company offers office cleaning services.  We will maintain your office spaces, positively impacting your employees and customers. Our cleaning service will take into account both the aesthetic nature and the comfort of the working environment alongside the health and safety considerations for all staff and visitors. 

According to a 2014 study, a virus sample placed on high touch surfaces in an office spread to 40-60% of workers and visitors within just 2-4 hours. By frequently and thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces, like door handles, phones and desks, we are able to prevent germs from spreading and causing widespread illness reducing sick days in our client’s teams.   

A clean office space can have a powerful impact on a team member’s physical health.  It also helps them to feel more motivated and can reduce stress thereby increasing productivity in your office.  

We understand that your employees may arrive at work early or leave late. As a reflection of this we are happy to work with you to create a flexible and bespoke cleaning schedule to fit around your business operations. 

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