05 Jul 2016

How Dirty is Your Office?

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Is it Time to Review Cleanliness at your Workplace?

Scientific experiments have revealed shocking things about the bacteria that resides in offices: http://www.cleaning-matters.co.uk/page_652427.asp

It is essential to exercise good cleaning and hygiene routines and promote regular cleaning in the office to make sure that germs don’t develop and spread around the office.
The Cleaning Company, is a leading contract cleaning company providing premium cleaning services in and around London.

We will ensure your premises are well maintained and presented to their optimum level for the benefit of both your colleagues and visitors – as well as being hygenically safe.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability and the bespoke nature of our cleaning services. Our trusted cleaning teams will deliver the highest standards of cleanliness to your workplace.

Contact us today on 0208 505 3006 to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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